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”Thusare Talking Hands” provides therapeutic massages using a Japanese acupressure technique called Shiatsu. We provide extensive training and economic empowerment for previously unemployed visually-impaired Sri Lankans who, as our highly skilled therapists, bring the additional benefit of having exceptionally high sensitivity to touch.

Our therapy is delivered in an open area without the removal of clothes or use of oil, and provides relaxation, mental satisfaction and numerous health benefits.

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Thusare Talking Hands
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Honorata PHonorata P
17:05 15 Jan 24
Hidden gem. Highly skilled people
Very excellent therapeutic massage, I want it and the value is very good
Charith DissanayakeCharith Dissanayake
01:41 30 Dec 23
Massage was excellent and they knew what they were doing.Only downside is they lack in customer friendliness and orientation. Booking a massage was cumbersome for me.
Barbora JánskaBarbora Jánska
11:36 24 Dec 23
It was a very pleasant experience, staff were very friendly and professional.I highly recommend visiting this saloon.
Nisali JayasingheNisali Jayasinghe
18:10 16 Sep 23
Thusare Talking Hands delivers exceptional therapeutic massages by visually impaired therapists. My recent foot massage was outstanding, highlighting their skill and kindness. I'll definitely return for more! Highly recommended!
Joseph Jeffries-TiptonJoseph Jeffries-Tipton
11:58 11 Sep 23
Listen to me, go to this place for a massage.The blind lads that work, there are tremendously good at what they do, they are polite and professional, the place is clean and you are doing a good deed at the same time.Absolute props to the host and my masseuse in the attached picture.Being blind, they really feel through the muscles in a fantastic fashion.I consider myself a bit of a massage connoisseur and I’m telling you these are legit.
Yoshitha JayamahaYoshitha Jayamaha
09:24 03 May 23
Discover the magic of shiatsu massage for unparalleled relaxation. Initially intense, yet soothing after. Talented blind masseurs exhibit exceptional skill. Clean, delightful environment promotes serenity. Booking an appointment in advance is advised for the best experience. Treat yourself to this unforgettable journey of well-being and stress relief.
Matthew ChmielewskiMatthew Chmielewski
19:45 22 Apr 23
Best massage in Colombo. Very reasonably priced shiatsu massage by well trained and high quality masseurs. I came back for a second treatment before leaving Colombo. Team is very accommodating for same day appointments. 5 stars.
Ashani DiazAshani Diaz
08:38 17 Apr 23
Very interesting Shiatsu massage experience. Although it was a bit painful during the treatment, afterwards my back felt relaxed. Me and my husband got a couple's massage together and we were happy with their service. The therapists are very kind and professional and they know this technique very well. I really admire them for providing such a good service.
Sarah HallSarah Hall
16:01 01 Apr 23
My partner & I came here (after reading all the great reviews) & both had a 60 minute full body massage by 2 of the staff members & it was absolutely amazing. We have been travelling for 3 months with heavy backpacks & were both experiencing very tight shoulders/neck & sore backs. The massages really eased a lot of this tension/discomfort, we both felt considerable relief following our massages. The staff were friendly, very professional & brilliant at their job. The massage was both relaxing and healing/therapeutic whilst also very affordable. Thank you Thusare Talking Hands for our great experience 🙂
Digital Nomads NetworkDigital Nomads Network
20:20 26 Dec 22
Very good massage, therapeutic and healing. Simple and humble place and with excellent experience of shiatsu. I was a little bit ill when I went there, in fact my lung meridian was painful during the treatment but pressure points of my masseur healed me. You get your massage with your cloths on and without oil as this traditional technique demands. I love that they created a space where blind people can work fully being integrated with the community, great place, great service!
Dim HDim H
05:20 26 Dec 22
One of the best massages I’ve ever had. My wife and I went multiple times over our stay. These guys are very honest, very very reasonably priced, and amazing at what they do. It’s also a beautiful cause to support. Will happily go back 🙂
S. RahmanS. Rahman
11:44 31 Jul 22
Divine experience.All Masseur are blind. Yeap you heard me right.They focus on the pressure points.If you have back pain or sports related injury, this is the best in Colombo.

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If you need to make a reservation for the same day or urgently, please contact us directly via WhatsApp +94779896183 not reservation and contact form.

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Our History as the Social Enterprise from Japan

This special movie was created collaboratively by the Japanese NGO APCAS and JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) to promote employment opportunities for the visually impaired as acupressure (Shiatsu) therapists in March 2022. They implemented a two-year training project starting in March 2020, aimed at refining the comprehensive Shiatsu training system of “Thusare Talking Hands” and establishing a new professional occupational path for Shiatsu therapists in society.

What Our Clients Say

“The therapists here provide traditional shiatsu massages, similar to those provided in Japan. The experience is not only relaxing, but is a proper treatment of Oriental medicine. In Japan, many visually impaired people are acupressure therapists, as their sense of touch is much more sensitive than others. I strongly recommend people to try this out.”

Matsuo Keiko

Keiko Matsuo
Anna Suvorova

“These gorgeous people are not only kind, sensitive and compassionate human beings… they are highly skilled and very professional shiatsu massage therapists. Talking hands and loving hearts, not only they helped my persistent hamstring injury heal.”

Anna Suvorova

“It was an experience. The treatment was professional, done very well and with great care. It’s also an inspiration to all of us that it’s possible for anyone to accept what life has offered and move forward to impact so many.” 

Yuwanmini Landersz

Yuwanmini Landersz


What is Shiatsu?

Shiatsu therapy, with a history spanning 2000 years in Japan, has evolved systematically and is widely chosen as a medical treatment. In our therapy, skilled therapists apply rhythmic pressure to the body’s meridians and points, tailoring the treatment based on the client’s symptoms and their preferred pressure intensity.

What is the benefit?

In Japan, Shiatsu is commonly used to enhance physical well-being, address chronic disorders, manage pain, prevent diseases, and support exercise capacity. Beyond its medical applications, Shiatsu is widely embraced for promoting relaxation, reducing stress, and enhancing energy flow in Japan.

Is Shiatsu Painful? How is the clothes in treatment?

Shiatsu treatment occurs on an individual bed in a safe and comfortable environment. The therapist gives acupressure massage through a cotton cloth, eliminating the need for clients to undress. Prior to the treatment, the therapist inquires about the client’s symptoms and areas of pain to tailor a more suitable treatment plan based on Shiatsu theory.

  • Thusare Therapists and Staff with the last Dr.Sasada Shiatsu Master (Founder of Thusare Talking Hands)
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